Hello everyone!

I am Roy Yue

I am Roy, a passionate graphic designer and photographer from Vancouver. I have 5 years of professional working experience in a variety of fields – from printing and UI/UX design to commercial photography.

A few years ago, I studied advertising in China, where I found myself enjoying finding the right typeface, fussing with tiny increments in image size and content sensitive position. I started career as a junior graphic designer right after university, I had been learning with many influential artists, photographers and designers, which helps me to form clean, simple and straightforward design concept.

I believe graphic design is not just a creative job, but rather an art of mastery of all aspects of colour theory, image processing and photography. In 2009, I came to Canada studying photography, then I got to find photography as the muse of my own creativity. From graphic design to photography, I can recognize the power of the lens and I use it creatively to transform a photo session into an artistic experience.

My Expertise

Tech Skills

Adobe Software Suite80%
Web Design75%
Print Design86%
Project Manegement48%
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