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I am Roy Yue

I am Roy, a passionate graphic designer and photographer from Vancouver. I have many years of professional working experience in a variety of fields – from printing and UI/UX design to commercial photography.

I am a freelance designer & photographer currently residing in Vancouver, BC, Canada. It was in the beautiful Dalian, China, though, where my creative path began. Growing up with an artistic grandfather, I had a strong interest in the arts from an early age, but it wasn’t until college that I discovered my first passion; graphic design.

Graphic design soon became my medium of choice and I pursued it further when I became an intern in 180China. Upon leaving, I am very thankful for these important years at 180China. Not only did they make me a better designer, but they made me an artist; giving me a firm foundation in critical thinking and developing creative concepts, which I still apply to my work today.

In 2013, I decided to expand my skillset, by moving to Vancouver to study photography at Focal Point. It was here that photography quickly became my new passion, and after completing the program, I spent the following years at a design and branding agency where I was able to work on exciting projects for local and international clients.

Since becoming a freelance artist, I’ve had the opportunity work on a diverse range of projects from food and product photography, to content creation, to web design, to published editorials! This creative range keeps my career fulfilling and challenging, and I’m constantly learning and growing as a result.

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Branding Design86%
UI/UX Design75%
Apparel Design48%
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