Diaper solution

How did I create a cute “thing” ?

Cute Seal is loved by mothers all over the world for it’s “the Softest Diapers all over the World “and “the Fittest Design for Baby”. As a diaper which provides gentle touch from the beginning of life Cute Seal wants each little angle to be cuter, tenderer and take care of you skin the most important thing in the world. With it, you’ll enjoy the softest, the most comfortable and super dry experience Dad and mom have no worry or consideration. The little angle will be cared with love all the time. From the moment when the little angel was born, we provide the baby with the best diapers all over the world.

As we approached the platform design, we wanted to utilize and implement an understated, cute and minimal design that allows the products and services to shine. The browsing experience is based around a visually engaging content stream that allows users to view products, media, news and fun facts.

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