Sushi Maro

Elevating a Japanese restaurant to the next level

Sushi Maro was founded in 2006 in Yaletown, Vancouver. Striving to meet the area’s desire for creative Japanese cuisine, the location was a success, and was the beginning of Sushi Maro’s expansion. A couple years later, Sushi Maro changed to another location in the same area, and the owner asked me to design a new branding that can bring a unique style in downtown Vancouver.

The team at Sushi Maro provided me with feedback regarding their existing branding and identified that the new looking needed an elevated path to dining experience. Along with this, I needed to find ways to incorporate and support their existing brand/culture content. This informed a new strategy of thinking and I sought out to support their higher goals of making the branding more influential in a manner that leverages their brand in downtown, pairing it with delicious cuisine, and streamlining the user flow  in a way that delights and promotes Sushi Maro.

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